Two years have passed since the last season of ‘Vip Pets’. Fabia is now a teenager with new concerns, about to join the prestigious Vip Hair Academy to fulfill her dream: to become a professional hairdresser. Her journey of self-improvement will lead her to meet the Fashion Dolls, the very owners of Vip Pets!

As the weeks go by, Fabia and the others will become friends and have adventures in and out of the Vip Hair Academy. However, the academic year will not be easy. And even more so when they meet the demanding director of the center: Beckett, Fabio’s former mentor, who will put them through tests and challenges until they become the best hairdressers. No one said that achieving dreams was easy.

Did you know that…

This fourth season was a radical turn in the ‘Vip Pets’ series. For the first time in history appeared the Fashion Dolls, who brought a totally unprecedented pre-adolescent touch to the series.



Fashion Dolls

The human group is made up of Fabia and the rest of the Fashion Dolls: Lexie, Mia, Chloe, Hailey and Giselle. They are the owners of the Vip Pets, with a passion for hairstyles and aspiring hairdressing experts. Each one has a different specialty.

Vip Pets

For the first time, the Vip Pets share the limelight with the humans, and are also crucial in uniting the group after a series of initial quarrels. Each one “represents” the personality of its respective owner.


Two very different teachers. While Beckett is powerful and very demanding with her students to squeeze their full potential, Fabio is more permissive and charming, and sometimes even covers up some mischief to help them.




Glam City

Vip Hair Academy




Progression shots

Animatic vs Final




I Wanna Go to the Vip Hair Academy – Part 1

I Wanna Go to the Vip Hair Academy – Part 2

Hailey, We Are a Team!

The Surprise Pop Quiz

Don’t Expel Me From The Academy!

Mia’s First Date

Giselle, It’s Just a Spider!

The Fountain Spell

We Have a Tiny Problem


The main plot of ‘Vip Pets 4’ focuses on the day-to-day life of the characters at the Vip Hair Academy. For our team, it was essential to design an attractive set that went beyond breathing the passion for hairdressing and the latest trends. The Vip Hair Academy also had to have enough distinct and recognizable spaces and useful props to develop each episode with the variety of possibilities that such a series requires.



From script to screen


Manu González

Creative Director
Álex Cervantes

Adán Martínez y Álvaro Ortiz

Production Director
Bea Villanueva Ferragud

Tere Pensado · Andrea Campos Castro · Sara Miquel Monllor · Zoraida Pascual · Andrea García Aviñó · Tamara Aleixandre Cervera · Ana García García · Bárbara Ávila Furió · Regina Corresa Roca · Angels Félix Reboll · Ana Culebras Gallego

Art Director
Juan Gargallo y Carlos Gallardo

Lead Environment Modeler
Eduardo Pallares Godoy

Lead Character Modeler
Clara Beacco

Néstor Màrquez Guisado · Carolina Martorell

Rig Supervisor
Héctor Barea Torregrosa

David Torregrosa Diez · Charlotte Beau Vinuesa

Rig Services
Nu Boyana

Lighting and Shading TD
Diego Orden Cobo

Textures and Shading Supervisor
Héctor Rodríguez Sánchez

Textures and Shading Artist
Álvaro Boyer Giménez · Álvaro López Díaz · Diana Nascimiento Bravo

Storyboard Artist
Javi Peces · Pablo Miró · Jaime Sirvent “Jume”

Layout Supervisor
Guillermo Cerrato Ruiz

Layout Artist
Elena Albert García · María Cremades · Marcial Cruz · Fernando Fibla · Pau García Guzmán · Daniel Barrachina Esclapés

Animation Director
Marta Ruipérez García

Animation Supervisor
David Andreu · Alejandro Jiménez · Alfonso Montero

Alejandro Girona Gea · Javier Ricardo Tedín Rodríguez · María Royo Lanzarote · Itziar Beltrán de Guevara · Ana María Bachero Arzo · Alberto Urra · José Cámara Lahiguera · Jorge Izaguire Marcos · Raúl Mendoza Domínguez · Jorge Peláez Villanueva · Jonny Angelo Cachimuel López · Katia Rabadán Garrido · Ismael Ascaso Bonet · Joel López · Carlos Miret Agud · Ana Ostos Miguel · Elena Oya Abeledo · Esther Serrano Garcés · Álvaro Cerrato Borrallo · Andrea Martínez Alpiste · Alejandro Morales Francisco · Yolanda Paños · Ana María García Díaz · Mª José Ródenas García · Laura Ximena Durán Ussa · Tania Porras · Lusine Tonoyants · Adrián González · Nicolás Suárez · Jose Kevin Guizado Vasquez

Lighting Supervisor
Jano Cervellera Romero

Lighting Artist
Paula Pla Montesinos · María Briones Ramón · Mario Salvador Ferrer · Helios Hervàs Pellicer · Ana Maciá Medina · Jorge Guirao Candela · Sonia León Casablanca · Carla Xiangrou Lopez Ureña · Laura Zalve Cebrián

Digital Compositing Supervisor
Joan Andreu Quiles I Rodas

Digital Composer
Mauro Civera Rodríguez · Anna Rovira Macià · Daniel Guirao Candela · Mari Luz Icart Alcaraz · Marina Martín López · Salva Velarte Ruiz

Render Supervisor
Jon Sáenz del Castillo González

Graphic Effects
Miguel Morell Moll

Scene Composition
Javier Valles Fernández

CFX Artist
Sara González Lorenzana · Pablo Gómez Martí

VFX Artist
Enrico Esposito

Editing Supervisor
Alba Ruiz-Castizo López

Carlos Manzanedo Moreno · Borja Soria Cabezas · Félix Iglesias Bonora

CTO (Technological Department)
Raúl Colomer

Pipeline Engineer Supervisor
Enrique Ejarque Villanueva

Pipeline Lead Engineer
Ernesto Muñoz Faba

Junior Pipeline Engineer
Alba Peris Sabater

Translation and Reference Voices
Centauro Comunicaciones

Dubbing Studio
Centauro Comunicaciones (ENG) · IYUNO (ESP) · SDI Group (ESP)

Main Song
José Infiesta y Angy Ceballos

Music and Sound Composer
Vicente Chust

Music and Sound Composer
Raúl Ortega

José Manuel Moles y Vicente Chust

Song team
Ana Holland · Andrea Ibáñez · Arthur Whist

CG Generalist
Àlex Mateu Alfonso

Render Supervisor
Jon Sáenz del Castillo González

Financial Manager
Elena Hernández Ballesteros

Management Assistant
Celia Colomer Fuentes

Human Resources
Ángel Álvarez

IT Department
Adrián Gallo Juarros

IT Technician
Emilio Pradas Esteve