Póster Metazells


Jazz, a 15-year-old teenager, is thrown into a daring adventure when he discovers Metazells, a virtual reality video game that immerses players in the incredible world of Zelltia. As soon as he takes on the identity of Bone, his in-game avatar, Jazz finds himself in the middle of an epic battle between two rival clans: the Woodies and the Wrockers, who seek to take control of the mysterious zell energy, the source of power for all of Zelltia.

In addition to adventure, humour and fantasy, ‘Metazells’ seeks to convey an environmental message. This is reflected in each side: one lives in communion with nature; the other ravages natural resources to build out-of-control cities and weapons. Here, the struggle of good against evil is also the struggle between pollution and the environment.

Did you know that…

During the early stages of the project, the studio was inspired by films such as ‘Ready Player One’, ‘Small Soldiers’ and ‘Avatar’.



Jazz / Bone

Clever, agile and determined. That’s Jazz, the 15-year-old who controls Bone in the world of ‘Metazells’. He loves video games and collectible cards, and dreams of travelling and adventures. Little does he know that he is about to experience the most unimaginable  journey of his life.

The Woodies

The good guys. They live in a densely packed forest of giant trees, with their houses built into the tree trunks themselves. They are cheerful, carefree and feel a special connection to nature and zell energy.

The Wrockers

The bad guys. These players have spread throughout Zelltia, locating zell mines and mining their energy to create more powerful and destructive weapons. They are strong, disciplined and command an unstoppable army.






Progression shots

Animatic vs Final




A New Player in Metazells: Part I

A New Player in Metazells: Part II

Life in the Woodie Village

The Zell Energy

An Unexpected Result

The Looting of the Village

The Woodies Race

What’s the Deal with Red Zells?

The Great Woodies Construction

Hoppy is in Danger

Bone is One of Us

The Revenge of the Wrockers


Our team went to great lengths to make the aesthetics of ‘Metazells’ as similar as possible to that of a video game. To do this, we designed a collection of resources: loading screens, subjective views, menus… All with the aim of completely immersing the viewer in an authentic virtual reality experience.

Character design

Bone / Jazz

The woodies

The wrockers


Forests and clearings


Jazz Room

Woodie Zone

Wrocker Zone



From script to screen


Joan Andreu Quiles I Rodas

Creative Director
Álex Cervantes

Production Manager
Bea Villanueva Ferragud

Adán Martínez y Álvaro Ortiz

Tere Pensado · Andrea Campos Castro · Sara Miquel Monllor · Zoraida Pascual · Andrea García Aviñó · Tamara Aleixandre Cervera · Ana García García · Bárbara Ávila Furió

Art Director
Juan Gargallo

Art Supervisor
Carlos Gallardo

Modeling Supervisor
Antonio Giménez

Eduardo Pallares Godoy · Clara Beacco · Carolina Martorell · Néstor Màrquez Guisado · María Ángeles Giraldez · Eva María Cuerva

Rig Supervisor
Héctor Barea Torregrosa

Luis Martínez Zapata · David Torregrosa Diez · Charlotte Beau Vinuesa

Lighting y Shading TD
Diego Orden Cobo

Textures and Shading Supervisor
Héctor Rodríguez Sánchez

Texture and Shading Artist
Álvaro Boyer Giménez · Tamara Alonso Guerra · Álvaro López Díaz

Storyboard Artist
Javi Peces · Jaime Sirvent “Jume” · Fabio Perianes Santos

Layout Supervisor
Guillermo Cerrato Ruiz

Layout Artist
Elena Albert García · María Cremades · Marcial Cruz · Fernando Fibla · Pau García Guzmán · Daniel Barrachina Esclapés

Animation Director
Marta Ruipérez García

Animation Supervisor
David Andreu · Alejandro Jiménez · Alfonso Montero

Alejandro Girona Gea · Javier Ricardo Tedín Rodríguez · María Royo Lanzarote · Itziar Beltrán de Guevara · Irene Martín Sanz · Ana María Bachero Arzo · Alberto Urra · Jose Cámara Lahiguera · Jorge Izaguirre Marcos · Cristhian Delgado Parrales · Raúl Mendoza Domínguez · Eva Ramón Vilà · Oscar Carballo Montalbán · Jorge Pelaez Villanueva · Jonny Angelo Cachimuel López · Katia Rabadán Garrido · Ismael Ascaso Bonet · Joel López · Carlos Miret Agud · Michelle Carpico Liste · Ana Ostos Miguel · Elena Oya Abeledo · Esther Serrano Garcés · Álvaro Cerrato Borrallo · Andrea Martínez Alpiste · Alejandro Morales Francisco · Yolanda Paños · Ana María García Díaz · Mª José Ródenas García · Laura Durán Ussa · Tania Porras · Lusine Tonoyants · Adrián González

Lighting Supervisor
Raúl Sánchez de San RománJano Cervellera Romero

Lighting Artist
Paula Pla Montesinos · Maria Briones Ramón · Mario Salvador Ferrer · Helios Hervàs Pellicer · Ana Maciá Medina · Sonia León Casablanca

Digital Compositing Supervisor
Joan Andreu Quiles I Rodas

Digital Composer
Mauro Civera Rodríguez · Anna Rovira Macià · Daniel Guirao Candela · Mari Luz Icart Alcaraz · Marina Martín López · Salva Velarte Ruiz · Pablo Tárraga Pérez

Render Supervisor
Jon Sáenz del Castillo González

CTO (Technology Department)
Raúl Colomer

Graphic Effects
Miguel Morell Moll

Scene Composition
Javier Valles Fernández

VFX Artist
Enrico Esposito

Edition Supervisor
Alba Ruiz-Castizo López

Carlos Manzanedo Moreno · Borja Soria Cabezas · Félix Iglesias Bonora

Pipeline Enginerr Supervisor
Enrique Ejarque Villanueva

Pipeline Lead Engineer
Ernesto Muñoz Faba

Junior Pipeline Engineer
Alba Peris Sabater

Translation and Reference Voices
Centauro Comunicaciones

Dubbing Studio
Centauro Comunicaciones (ENG) · IYUNO (ESP) · SDI Group (ESP)

Main Song
José Infiesta

Music and Sound Composer
Vicente Chust

Sound and Sound Effects Technician
Raúl Ortega

CG Generalist
Àlex Mateu Alfonso

Financial Manager
Elena Hernández Ballesteros

Management Assistant
Zoraida Pascual

Human Resources
Ángel Álvarez

IT Department
Adrián Gallo Juarros