From the point of view of filmmaker Luis Buñuel, Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles traces the filming of Las Hurdes, tierra sin pan (1933), a mockumentary about the region of Las Hurdes (Extremadura) which is considered a reference work in its genre. After the controversial release of The Golden Age, Buñuel had problems directing a new film in France and agreed to the request of an anthropologist, Maurice Legendre, who gave him an ethnographic study on Las Hurdes and suggested that he should make a documentary about the social reality of the region. Although he is initially hesitant, he finally agrees because one of his best friends, the anarchist professor Ramón Acín, finances the filming with his prize from the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw. The film explores three aspects: the personal relationship between Acín and Buñuel; the culture shock that occurs during the filming; and the traumas of the director’s life, recreated through nightmares and hallucinations that are exacerbated on his return to Spain.

What does this project mean for Hampa

For Hampa Studio this project has been the project that has made people notice us as a top studio. Making a feature film is a titanic task, but with this film we were lucky enough to arrive with only 20 minutes to go and we had the privilege of not only helping and co-producing it so that this marvel could see the light of day, but also that we didn’t suffer too much. It took us two or three months to get up to speed and study well what was left to do, but once we started working it was an absolute joy. I will always remember everything that this film has made us experience and made us dream. We have won incredible prizes such as the EFA, the Goya, two Annecy crystals and a long and beautiful etc.



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Directed by
Salvador Simó

Manuel Cristóbal
José M. Fernández de Vega
Álex Cervantes

Eligio R. Montero
Salvador Simó

Based in
Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas, de Fermín Solís

Arturo Cardelús