In ‘Bloopies‘ Season 1, fans of the series were immersed for the first time in an incredible underwater universe where the Bloopies transform into mermaids and solve quests alongside mischievous creatures called Shellies. This time, season 2 of ‘Bloopies‘ adds new and exciting characters. Starting with the Fairies, the new friends of our protagonists, whose presence hides a meaning that could change the course of the aquatic environment.

The Fairies have returned due to the emergence of a new villain: Tentaclus, an evil octopus reminiscent of those mythical beasts from sailors’ stories. He intends to destroy the Pearl of Light into a thousand pieces, which would plunge the Shellies into a deep sleep and sow chaos throughout the Sea World

Did you know that…

For many children, bath time is a reason for rejection or crying. ‘Bloopies‘ was born wanting to reverse that idea and demonstrating that the time in the bathtub can be a fun adventure.




They are mystical beings with special powers, a sort of goddess of the seas that watch over their balance. All of them are necessary in their mission and will do anything to protect their world and the beings that inhabit it.


After being kidnapped by fishermen when he was a child, Tentaclus moved away from home and learned to live alone without trusting anyone. Hence, this octopus is moody and lonely, and is obsessed with getting some strange pearls that could help him reunite with his family… even if it means having to face the protagonists.

Sea World

It is inhabited by a multitude of species that give shape to a vibrant aquatic universe: jellyfish, rays, tropical fish… All with a special uniqueness in terms of shapes, sizes and shades. The color palette is super striking and reflects the diversity of the environment.






Progression shots

Animatic vs Final




The Pearl and the Sea Monster

Welcome to the Fairies World

To the Ruby Sea!

The Emerald Sea and the Jellyfish Army

The Mysteries of the Agate Sea

Amethyst Sea: Our Powers Don’t Work!

Last Mission: The Sapphire Sea

The Awakening of the Shellies

We Can’t Move!

The Fairies Ritual

Tatiana’s Vision

The Brilliant Plan of Tentaclus

Together We Will Save the Sea World


Among all the surprises that season 2 of ‘Bloopies‘ brought, one of the great novelties was the incorporation of the Fairies, a group of goddesses of the seas that had remained hidden until now and that resurface to maintain the balance of the marine world. Along with Tentaclus, their design was one of the most demanding aspects during the production of the series, as well as the task of bringing their powers to the screen.







From script to screen


Manu González · Joan Andreu Quiles I Rodas

Creative Director
Álex Cervantes

Script Coordinator
Elena Gobernado

Eva Pérez Misa · Aurora Pérez Martínez · Tatiana Chisleanschi · Jorge Riera · Josemi de Alonso

Production Manager
Bea Villanueva Ferragud

Tere Pensado · Andrea Campos Castro · Sara Miquel Monllor · Zoraida Pascual · Andrea García Aviñó · Tamara Aleixandre Cervera · María Pardo García · Ana García García · Bárbara Ávila Furió

Art Director
Juan Gargallo

Art Supervisor
Carlos Gallardo

Concept Artist
María Vela

Assets Supervisor
Kristina Blanes

CG Modeling Supervisor
Antonio Giménez

CG Modeler
Carolina Martorell · Néstor Màrquez Guisado · David López Marleza

Rigging Services
Hernán Guerra

Laura Peláez Matellanes · Niko Rossi · Jesús Coscolla Anmella

CFX Supervisor
Alejandro Monreal Landete

CFX Artist
Sara González Lorenzana

TD Shading Supervisor
Diego Orden Cobo

Texture and Shading Artist
Giacomo Pennicchi · Tamara Alonso Guerra · Héctor Rodríguez Sánchez · Edson Cortez

Storyboard Supervisor
Aitor Herrero

Storyboard Artist
Héctor Arnau

Clean Up Artist
Jessica Esteve Hernández · Mar Moreno

Layout Supervisor
Guillermo Cerrato Ruiz

Layout Artist
Elena Albert García · María Cremades · Marcial Cruz · Fernando Fibla · Pau García Guzmán · Sonia Gómez Filgueira

Animation Director
Marta Ruipérez García

Animation Supervisor
David Andreu · Alejandro Jiménez · Alfonso Montero

Alejandro Girona Gea · Eduardo Albertos · Javier Ricardo Tedín Rodríguez · Frederic Verges García · María Royo Lanzarote · Carmen López López · Itziar Beltrán de Guevara · Noemí López Piqueras · Paula Porta Vázquez · Irene Martín · Carlos Muñoz Wolff · Alejandro Sánchez Fajardo · Ana María Bachero Arzo · Alberto Urra · Rodrigo Custodio · Christian Delgado Parrales · Raúl Mendoza Domínguez · José Cámara Lahiguera · Jorge Izaguire Marcos

Freelance Animator
Tania Porras Somez · Yolanda Paños · Víctor García Gabarda · Juan Elias Tuchtfeldt · Elizabeth Galicia · Matías Ezequiel Vitale Martínez · Pablo Guevara · Santiago Llano Rojo · Sergio Vigara · Ana María García Díaz · Borja Meléndez Barrero

Lighting Supervisor
Raúl Sánchez de San Román

Lighting Artist
Jano Cervellera Romero · Paula Pla Montesinos · María Briones Ramón · Mario Salvador Ferrer · Noel Bachini Militi · Vicenta Bretones Villa

Digital Compositing Supervisor
Joan Andreu Quiles I Rodas

Digital Composer
Mauro Civera Rodríguez · Ana Oller Alcay · Esther Moreno Regueira · Anna Rovira Macià · Daniel Guirao Candela

Jon Sáenz del Castillo González

Graphic Effects
Miguel Morell Moll

Scene Composition
Javier Valles Fernández

VFX Artist
Enrico Esposito

Edition Supervisor
Alba Ruiz-Castizo López

Carlos Manzanedo Moreno · Borja Soria Cabezas

Pipeline Engineer Supervisor
Enrique Ejarque Villanueva

Pipeline Lead Engineer
Ernesto Muñoz Faba

Junior Pipeline Engineer
Alba Peris Sabater

Pipeline Engineer – Internship
Sandra Nieto Navarro · Assum Campos Martínez

Translation and Reference Voices
Arthur Whist

Dubbing Studio
Centauro Comunicaciones (ENG) · Sonoequip (ESP)

Main Song
José Infiesta

Music and Sound Composer
Vicente Chust

Sound and Sound Effects Technician
Raúl Ortega

CG Generalist
Àlex Mateu Alfonso

Financial Manager
Elena Hernández Ballesteros

Assistant Director
Celia Colomer Fuentes

Human Resources
Yoel Smedema

IT Department
Adrián Gallo Juarros

IT – Internship
Emilio Pradas Esteve