Why is our name Hampa Studio?

The other day somebody asked us on Twitter that “Why do we call ourselves Hampa Studio?” It wasn’t like a good idea to have a name like Hampa Studio, for a Valencian studio, and the truth, he has in reason of seeing all the corruption, and semi-mysterious state that we have been living in Valencia.

No, do not exalt yourselves !! I know you … We are not going to talk about politics, to outrage you already have Facebook! I’m going to take this tweet to tell you why we call ourselves Hampa Studio? since many people ask us. (… mmm at least … one or none).

 Why is our name Hampa Studio?

Daniel ours is a pure unconsciousness, we devote ourselves to the animation in Spain


Valencia 1997, as we told you in previous posts, we start the studio between Javi (my ex-partner and I), two lovers of comics and their villains. We were two fools (and we still are, I speak for myself). The company, my room, was in my parents’ house, and our professional ambition,  waiting for my parents to fall asleep to assault the bar-cabinet, so we said … – “Well, come on! for what is going to last this, let’s put a handsome name … LEX LUTOR, the bad guy of Superman! “Yes! I know! Listillos … is LEX LUTHOR, but thanks to our extensive experience watching the TV program Telecinco trials, we said, – “we are going to take the” h “away and with that, there is no legal problem” .-

¿Por qué nos llamamos Hampa Studio?

Image of Lex Luthor with the flag behind, the truth is that is to eat “all” his mouth.


Later a few years later, in 2004, the studio had grown vertiginously, now we were 3! and we did not know what to do with the money (Buy toilet paper or a mouse for the new kid.)

Given this wild growth, we saw that this was already serious and decided to register the name of LEX LUTOR at national and European level. We were the masters of the world!

Until one day the phone rang, a call from the court to collect a lawsuit … Zasca! Just like that!

I went to court with the feeling that I that would enter but never come out…I asked the duty officer, who had a mountain of paper the size of a 7-year-old boy, and he nodded to me, this Uncle knew the case!, I still shit more. He began to peer through that stack of papers. I thought he was looking for our little sheets among all that paper, but after a while, he says to me, “okkkk! It’s all over!” He picked up an elastic band, and I hit it a couple of times, “Here you go! “… WTF leveler !! ?? ALL THE DAMN MOUNTAIN was the demand Fuck!, I thought … what have we done? Well, or rather, what and who has found out about everything we have done.

When I arrived at the studio, my ex-partner was working on the computer, and when that mountain of papers that I had turned into came to light, he peeked slowly over the monitor (crocodile eyes) and said a lapidary phrase of someone with the temper of steel of general patton.- “host bitch, kid!”


The demand came from DC COMICS (USA)

To give you an idea, like about a thousand pages (like Malaya case). Almost all the lawsuit was Comics as evidence where Lex Luthor appeared, and was headed by a page that said “Plaintiff: DC Comics Inc., managed by Dr. xxxx (I do not remember the name, I only remember about Dr that a hypochondriac like me, is not forgotten) located in Broadway street NY (USA) against LEX LUTOR SL, managed by Alex Cervantes and Javier Molner in street Mariano Benlliure n 6, Alfafar – Valencia – (Spain) “.

Already only the header was a big one in a half-lap and with a run, but where I really got dizzy was with the 8 pages later with all names of lawyers. There were more names than in the Photoshop poster.

¿Por qué nos llamamos Hampa Studio?

The cartel of Photoshop’s entry, with such a Thomas Knoll, that always this one the first one.


The DC (we called it that because it was already like family), asked for a 50% of the total turnover in those 10 years of our existence. They claimed that this empire of 3 people had been made thanks to using the name of Lex Lutor, (or how our clients knew us back then – “Lex, .. what?” -). And of course, as not! They asked us to renounce the name.

It was then that we looked for the best / the only lawyer among our colleagues with free time. His first two sentences were – “Octopus is going to fall” and – “I take care that I only have one subject left”. Faced with these two statements we saw ourselves in jail! That’s when we decided to do what colleagues and honest people do, look for a real professional without saying anything and not picking up the phone in weeks.

In the end, a month later and after a tense meeting with “only” 4 DC Comics lawyers (it is seen that they could not charter 2 charters), we were in withdrawing everything, but we still could not pay what they asked for.

Our lawyer, at his own risk, negotiated a payment of 1,000 turkeys and resolved business. Those thousand turkeys were for me like 1000 raisins, I had not shit hard for months.

Sometimes I think about it … or we gave them pity or they did not have all of them to be able to take our name off. I believe that both, but with the fear that they put us in, we would have signed up to the right to donate on our mothers if they had asked for it.


Obviously, after that,  we had to look for another name,  a bad one if it was possible.

At this time something generic, please! We could not screw up again. We thought several, including “The crime syndicate”, but it was a bit strong … – “Syndicate of crime … tell me …” Mmmm buff no! It did not seem like a good idea. Also came “Head of Horse” (the logo was a horse head cut into a bed and all full of blood). This name was still used years later for a small graphics department that we assembled in the studio, but at that time we were not convinced by the name of the company. We needed something more international and less gross … Finally, HAMPA STUDIO was there.

Well, you already know why we call ourselves Hampa Studio,  at least that nobody doesn’t do a lawsuit us anymore. The worst thing that can happen to us is that they confuse us on occasion with the Association of Mothers and Parents of Students.


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