We are looking for a new 3D Team.

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We are looking for a new 3D team!

Hampa Studio

Good News!!

We are looking  for a new 3D team for  the 2º season of Cry Babies/series 26×5’

What ‘s Cry Babies?

It’s a current and winning 3D animation series. It is an exclusivity series for Youtube and was created by Hampa Studio SL for IMC Toys.

 Send your Cv & Reel

If you’re interested in working with our team, please don’t forget to send us your CV & Reel. Click the link below from our Website.

We looking for: 


Production assistant  · Script Writer · Story · Concept · Modeling · Generalist ·Layout · Animation · Lighting · Compo · VFX · SFX · Edition · TD



Please write on Join Us for your job position

…Consider… you will need to be available one year (depending on the job position)

Do not forget to share this good news! We can do a great team all together!

The Premiere of Black is Beltza will be next October 5th.!!

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The Premiere of Black is Beltza will be next October 5th.!!


Black is Beltza will be released in cinemas next October 5th, this project directed by Fermín Muguruza is an adaptation of an own graphic novel. Set in 1965 during the parade of Pamplona’s giant’s troupe on Fifth Avenue in New York, this film creates a story of action and espionage that combines music, love and revolution.

Black is Beltza is an animated film aimed at an adult audience. In a titanic 9 month production at Hampa Studio, we gave the best of our team for this challenging project!

We celebrate the next release! … see you there and we leave the trailer as an advance.

Andreu, in Japan!!!

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Andreu, in Japan!!!

Our colleague Andreu has returned from his intriguing vacation in Japan …

Our colleague Joan Andreu Quiles I Rhodes has returned from his intriguing vacation in Japan …

And… the best (besides of the return to the work:)) … is that he brought gifts for all the team of Hampa Studio!!

He has brought us “Here I stay” for the books, but made with original photos of Studio Ghibli movies … It’s Great !!

Studio Ghibli is one of the most acclaimed animation studios in the world, and home to some of the most acclaimed and loved animated works that have appeared on the screen.

When referring to this Studio it is impossible not to recommend, to those who still do not know him, to see one of his most revered animation films in history, My Neighbor Totoro, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.


Thanks Andreu!!!!


Hampa Team 🙂

Cry Babies, Magic tears reaches 18 Millions!

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Cry Babies, Magic tears reaches more than 18 Millions of views!

The new 3D series of Hampa Studio SL for IMC-Toys: Cry babies,magic tears exceeds 18 million views on YouTube less than a month after its premiere!

On last July 18, the series, Cry babies, magic tears premiered internationally. This 3D animation series is aimed at an audience of 4 to 6 years. It is a fantastic universe, in it live tender characters that invite us to discover a world full of adventures. These babies accompany, have fun and help overcome small difficulties through mutual support and teamwork.

Only on YouTube:

Bebés llorones, lágrimas mágicas:

Cry Babies, magic Tears:

Green light for “Los Zurf”!!

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This August we started our new 2D animation series Los Zurf, a series of Gallego Bros. and Hampa Studio in co-production with À punt media which will premiere the series in Comunidad Valenciana in 2019.

We can not say much yet, but we can say that Los Zurf is a peculiar “foreign family” that has to live with the citizens of a small coastal town, where will give us for many gags and entanglements.

The scripts will be provided by Cesar Sabater, screenwriter of a few projects by Hampa Studio and Director of Paella Today

It is a family series with a with Mediterranean taste that we are sure will entertain children and Parents.

We will continue informing;)

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