Brownderberg Private Club.

Hi again, people!

Today, I’m going to tell you about the Brownderberg private club.

We start the year with a new post. Nothing to wish good projects or anything like that, This post is to talk about the Failure.

I do not know about you but I have urticaria to listen to the talks of animation professionals who only talk about their success (Envy?…maybe), Also, these talks are a danger, because you go out feeling that you are  the best and that you will eat the world until you arrive at the studio and have to finish an animation for “Roberto Mattresses… if you see our prices you fall dead”. At that moment it is so big the discouragement that you get that you forget to put the  Bob sponge mouth that the client wants on the mattress.

For that reason in the past 3D Wire a small group of irreducible pofessionals (without “r”) we created a private club called Brownderberg Private Club (you are going to allow me to omit the name of the other 12 founders without their permission, so ” Private “and those things”.

There is a risk that they dismiss me of the club,(because, the first rule of the club is not to talk about the club!!) this club has been made to tell each other and share the big shits and shit we do the studios / producers and independent professionals, that we always try to hide.


Brownderberg Private Club Hampa Studio Animación, Fracaso, Exito

Here we meet, secretly, every year to tell all our miseries, in a low voice


Why is necessary to create the Brownderberg Private Club?


Because you learn more from failures than from wins (which are usually more luck than anything else). In addition, if we must learn something, is to destigmatize the failure, without success there is no success, and you have to walk a lot before approaching the minimum luck, and be realistic, that they tell you their failure, it’s funnier!

I am going to try to convince the members of the Brownderberg club to sneak out some of their crap or deplorable work to Hampa’s blog. I’m sure that you will laugher a lot

In the next post, and to be as an example to the rest of the members, we will begin. I will tell one of our epic falls, surely, it will make us (Hampa Studio), one of the honorific members with gold and diamond badges of the private club Brownderberg.

Stay tuned!

Alex Cervantes / Ceo – Director / Hampa Studio

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