Animated series are the hidden gem of the Branded Content universe. It’s the most powerful tool, capable of unlocking a world of possibilities for your product. Do you want to know two key advantages? The first is its ability to transform a brand into a successful worldwide license. The second lies in its potential to turn content creation of that content into a highly profitable second source of revenue.

At Hampa Studio we are specialists in creating branded animation series. We work from initial conception to broadcast, with just a briefing and your marketing requirements. Currently, our series accumulate billions of views on YouTube, and are broadcasted on platforms and television channels of international prestige, including Netflix, Disney, Movistar+, HBO, Clan or Nickelodeon, among others.

Vip Pets S4


Vip Pets S3


Loopers Hammies

Bubiloons S2

Bubiloons S1

Bloopies S2

Lucky Bob

Vip Pets S1

Cry Babies S3


Cry Babies S2

Cry Babies S1

Mars Pop

Talking Tom