Buñuel and animation as a technique, not as a genre.

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Buñuel and animation as a technique, not as a genre.

26 April 2019, premiere of “Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles“, the latest film co-produced by Hampa Studio, with Sygnatia, Glow and Submarine.

This film is the maximum Spanish exponent of the argument that animation is not a genre but a technique. This is how they understood it at the Malaga Film Festival where it was nominated for best film, winning the critics’ award for best film, best first film and best music.

Official banner of the film “Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles”.

Brilliant animation

The animation of the film is exquisite and refined, nothing strange knowing that it has been directed by the great Manuel Galiana. From the beginning Manuel knew exactly what he wanted. “A very sober animation, with no fuss or useless movements”.

The animation, sometimes in “twos” (a drawing every two frames), “threes”, even “fours”, reduces the fluidity of the movements, moving away from the style of children’s animation and towards a style more typical of films for adult audiences. The effort of the animation is invested in achieving very powerful poses, expressions and good acting, which gives a lot of strength and life to the characters, reinforcing the story itself. This style of animation is the key for the spectator, from minute 1, to stop paying attention to the animation and focus on the wonderful story directed by Salvador Simó.

Thanks are due to Manuel Galiana for treating Spanish viewers as a culturally mature audience, capable of understanding the animation style and at the same time forgetting about it. This puts us on a par with French and Japanese cinemas. Impossible to achieve without the generosity and humility of Manuel, who clearly puts animation at the service of the story.

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Critical acclaim

We are very happy because the public and the national and international critics have not only understood this, but have been full of praise for the film and the animation. It has to be said that among the hundreds of good reviews there was one that defined the animation as “not very fluid” and “clumsy”. It amuses me to think that there must have been someone who thought that the animation of Spirited Away was not very fluid and that Sorolla‘s brushstrokes were rough, but we can’t ask everyone to know everything, can we?

We’re looking for a new 3D Team.

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We are looking for a new 3D team!

Hampa Studio

Good News!!

We are looking  for a new 3D team for  the 2nd season of Cry Babies/series 26×5’

What’s Cry Babies?

It’s a current and successful 3D animated series. It is an exclusive for Youtube, created by Hampa Studio SL for IMC Toys.

 Send your CV & Reel

If you’re interested in working with our team, please don’t forget to send us your CV & Reel. Click the link below from our Website.


We looking for: 


Production assistant  · Script Writer · Story · Concept · Modeling · Generalist ·Layout · Animation · Lighting · Compo · VFX · SFX · Edition · TD


If you are interested you must detail your profile in the box: Job position…
… Please note that you need to be available for approximately one year (depending on the position).
Don’t forget to share this good news! We can do a great team all together!

The Premiere of Black is Beltza will be next October 5th!

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The Premiere of Black is Beltza will be next October 5th.!!

Black is Beltza will be released in cinemas next October 5th. This project directed by Fermín Muguruza is an adaptation of his own graphic novel. Set in 1965, during the parade of Pamplona’s giant’s troupe on New York’s Fifth Avenue, this film creates a story of action and espionage that combines music, love and revolution.

Black is Beltza is an animated film aimed at an adult audience. In a titanic 9 month production at Hampa Studio, we gave the best of our team for this challenging project!

We celebrate the next release! … see you there and we leave the trailer as an advance.

We celebrate the next release! … see you there and we leave the trailer as an advance.

Andreu, in Japan!!!

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Andreu, in Japan!!!

Our colleague Andreu has returned from his intriguing vacation in Japan …

Our colleague Joan Andreu Quiles I Rhodes has returned from his intriguing vacation in Japan …

And… the best (besides of the return to the work:)) … is that he brought gifts for all the team of Hampa Studio!!

He has brought us “Here I stay” for the books, but made with original photos of Studio Ghibli movies … It’s Great !!

Studio Ghibli is one of the most acclaimed animation studios in the world, and home to some of the most acclaimed and loved animated works that have appeared on the screen.

When referring to this Studio it is impossible not to recommend, to those who still do not know him, to see one of his most revered animation films in history, My Neighbor Totoro, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.


Thanks Andreu!!!!


Hampa Team 🙂